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Are you interested in Underwater Photography? Now, downunderpix offers free downunderpix Digital Underwater Photography Course (valued at $ 395) with each purchase of Canon G7X or G16 Camera and Housing. Hurry up !!! Offer expires 31 March 2016

Digital underwater photography is now affordable for almost all divers. And with the technology now available it is easy capture quality images to record your journeys into the amazing underwater world.

The downunderpix digital underwater photography course is designed to help you get started in underwater photography. The course covers the theory essential to help you understand your camera system and use it to take quality photographs as well as in water practice with your camera system, discussion of your images post diving and basic post production techniques.

dragonWhen I unpacked the camera from it’s original package and held it in my hands for the first time, it appeared elegant, compact but weighty and… quite technical. The camera body looks sophisticated and fit quite comfortably in my hand. The large 3’’ flip-up LED touch screen allows the photographer to display, preview and compose pictures. My new camera was also equipped with a wifi allowing for easy posting of images to social networking and media sites such as Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube™ and Flickr®. It was also possible to save them to a photo album to share anytime, anywhere. (…) Access the Review of the Canon G7X in FG7X Fantasea Housing


It seems like Canon’s new G7 X has it all: A large 1”-­‐type, 20-­‐megapixel BSI sensor, a fast f/1.8–2.8 24–100mm equivalent zoom lens, and an ultra-­‐compact design. The G7 X follows the style of Canon’s S-­‐series cameras, which are known for their friendly user interface and impressively compact size, and at the same time, provides the advanced features and direct controls which are usually found on Canon’s G-­‐series compacts.

Full review: ReviewCanonPowerShotG7X

UWPC1downunderpix’s comprehensive underwater photography course is  designed to provide you with the technical and practical knowledge to become a competent digital underwater photographer.

The course has been written by professional underwater photographer Paul Macdonald based on his extensive knowledge and experience. It comprises theory (available on-line or in hard copy), diving and workshop sessions.

The theory section covers relevant information in relation to Using your digital camera, The behavior of light underwater, Composition, Taking your camera system underwater, Post dive camera system care and Post  production

For more information: UWPC

entry16The winners for our most recent downunderpix South Australian Underwater Photography competition have just being determined.

Some excellent entries were received and determining the final winers was a difficult process. Congratulations to all price winners  and well done to the other entrances for participating. The winning pictures and some honourable mentions are as follows:

First Prize (one on one underwater photography course with downunderpix) goes to

Ladek Malkowski  (see more)


Screen shot 2015-02-13 at 2.44.37 PMWin a 1 on 1 underwater photography course with Paul

Entries are now open for the South Australian downunderpix underwater photography competition. The competition is open to all South Australian Underwater Photographers and the image must be taken in South Australian waters. First prize is a 1 on 1 underwater photography course with Paul Macdonald. Entries will be judged anonymously by Paul Macdonald and confidential feedback in the form of a written constructive critique will be provided on images entered. Entries close on 25 February 2015 at midday.

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See more: Underwater Photography Competition by Downunderpix


Underwater Photography Course

We have just released our Underwater Photography Course. It provides students with the technical and practical knowledge and skills to be competent digital underwater photographers and is suitable for entry level to intermediate underwater photographers.

The course comprises theory (available online or in hard copy), diving and workshop sessions. The theory section covers relevant information in relation to using your digital camera, the behavior of light underwater, composition, taking your camera underwater and post dive camera care and post production. The course also includes 4 practical photography dives and a post dive workshop including critique of your photos.

A course will be held across the January Long Weekend (24th to 26th) but may also be sheduled other times to suit student requirements <more info>

Happy Studying !!!