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downunderpix provides all things underwater photography to the local national and international markets. This includes supplying a range of underwater photography services as well as selling underwater camera equipment. The photography services provided by downunderpix include specialist underwater photographic assignments, selling high quality underwater images, conducting underwater photography workshops and courses, and leading holidays for underwater photographers to interstate and overseas destinations.


One of our favorite subjects is the Leafy Seadragon which is the South Australian marine emblem. With our considerable experience in finding and capturing images of these majestic creatures, the Leafy Seadragon makes for an interesting photographic subject. We run regular Leafy Seadragon photography tours in several different formats. You can come along and dive with Leafy Seadragons and have your photograph professionally taken with them. Alternatively, if you are an underwater photographer we will find the dragons for you and help you create the best possible images of them <more>





downunderpix regularly runs underwater photography workshop weekend trips to Edithburgh and other South Australian diving locations, providing fun weekends, full of diving, and underwater photography endeavors. During the workshop weekend our underwater photographer Paul Macdonald is on hand to answer all your underwater photography questions. The weekends are usually limited to 8 underwater photographers so that each can receive individual attention from Paul. Diving and non diving partners are welcome to attend also. Whilst the workshop weekends are a learning experience, they are conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and are suitable for all levels of underwater photographers <more>






Want to take great photos with your digital underwater camera? If so, drop us an email and book into our next course. The course can be done online or via a workbook and covers everything you need to know to get started in the world of underwater photography. The course involves completing the online or workbook theory including knowledge reviews, 4 photography dives and a post dive workshop <more>








furlan35UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY TRIPS downunderpix regularly runs intrastate, interstate and overseas dive trips. So if you want to travel and be around fellow underwater photographers sharing information and ideas why not check out downunderpix’s website and see what trips are coming up. The trips cater primarily for underwater photographers to learn new and enhance existing skills and partners are always welcome whether they dive or not. And Paul Macdonald is available to provide useful help and advice on all things underwater photography. See also:

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d800_rupUNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY PRODUCTS downunderpix provides a range of underwater photography equipment for all levels of underwater photographers. We have associations with Sea & Sea, Fantasea and Sea Life to bring their quality range of products to the market. We also supply the popular Loc-Line strobe arms and adapters, a Sports HD digital video camera and the Seahorn range of snoots. <questions @ info@downunderpix.com>