Leafy Seadragon Tours

GOR_9034 copy (Large)The favoutite subject of our Professional Underwater Photographer Paul Macdonald is the Leafy Seadragon, the South Australian marine emblem. Paul has considerable experience in finding and capturing images of these majestic creatures. The Leafy Seadragon makes for a unique and interesting photographic subject.

Learn how to capture professional quality images of this amazing subject. Paul regularly takes Leafy Seadragon tours for photographers in the waters around Adelaide at sites such as the Victor Harbour Bluff, Rapid Bay jetty, Edithburgh and other local sites. He shares with participants his experience in the photographic techniques he has developed to capture great Leafy Seadragon images.

Alternatively, have your photograph professionally taken with a leafy sea dragon. Paul can record photographically your unique dive experience with the leafy sea dragon. He will work with you to capture and provide you with professional quality photographs of you with the leafy sea dragon.

The tours are suitable for certified divers of all levels and all underwater photographers, from beginners to professionals.

Leafy Seadragon Tours brochure available here: LeafyTours

To book a Leafy Seadragon Tour, please contact us via info@downunderpix.com

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